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French Portrait Medallion & Freshwater Pearl Gold Necklace

French Portrait Medallion & Freshwater Pearl Gold Necklace

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Material: Sterling silver
Plating: 18K gold plating

Gem: Freshwater Pearls,gme
Packaging: Presented in a stylish gift box

Introducing the "French Portrait and Freshwater Pearl Gold Necklace" - a masterful blend of vintage charm and timeless elegance. This exquisite piece is designed for those who appreciate the charm of classical art and the understated luxury of pearls.
French Portrait: At the center of this necklace is an elaborate medallion featuring a classic French portrait, imbued with the romanticism and elegance of France's rich artistic heritage. This beautifully rendered image adds a touch of historic elegance to your jewelry collection.

Freshwater Pearls: Elegantly strung on a durable gold chain, freshwater pearls provide a soft, lustrous balance to the ornate crest. Each pearl is hand-selected for its shape, luster and texture, ensuring the necklace is of unparalleled quality and beauty.

Gold Chain: The entire piece is held together by a delicate gold chain, chosen for its warmth and brilliance. The gold complements the opalescence of the pearls and the detailed portrait medallion to create a harmonious and luxurious look.

Jewellery Care Guide


Remove your jewellery when cleaning, bathing and sleeping, and always keep away from any source of heat. Avoid direct contact with water and chemical products. Chlorine, make-up, soap, perfume and hair-spray may dull the finish of your jewellery and cause discoloration or oxidation of the metal. Stones connected to your jewellery might also be affected by water, chemicals and damp conditions. We therefore advise you do not store your jewellery in the bathroom.

Please handle your jewellery with care and avoid collision with hard surfaces, as it could change the shape of the jewellery, as well as damage or cause stones to fall out. This is particularly true for rings, as they are more exposed.

Kindly note that layering a ring with another ring can cause wear and tear, which might affect the stone-setting.

We recommend storing your jewellery individually in its accompanied Tom Wood jewellery box or pouch, as this prevents wear and tear. This also helps against the jewellery being exposure to direct sunlight.

Clean your jewellery with warm water and detergent free soap, or with a professional cleaning kit. Furthermore, we recommend your jewellery to be cleaned by a professional jeweler once a year to have it last longer. Cleaning of stone-settings should always be done by a professional. Following these instructions will reduce abrasions and prolong the lifespan and luster of your jewellery.

Please note that all our stones are ethically sourced and of the highest quality.

Natural stones may result in different patterns and unique looks for each stone. The stones might also come with different hardness, but all stones are fragile and might break or chip if they collide with a hard surface.
No jewellery should be pulled or re-sized out of shape. Rings and ear cuffs with diamonds and gemstones should never be pressed out of shape or bent. This could cause the original setting to re-shape, increasing the risk of stones falling out.

Our band rings with stones going all the way around the ring should be worn gently.

Depending on the amount of use your jewellery sees, we advise all jewellery with stones, and in particular jewellery with multiple stones, to be checked once per year to ensure that the metal setting has not been hurt while wearing the piece.

Cleaning stone settings should be done at a goldsmith, as these are fragile and can easily be damaged if not cleaned correctly.

Please avoid using force when opening and closing locks, and make sure you know how the lock functions before attempting to open it. Do not bend or pull chains or bracelets, as they might break.

Make sure chains are not tangled when storing, and please try to place the chain or bracelet in a soft pouch to prevent it from getting bent or breaking.
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